The Shortest Time In Braces

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Almost everyone that undergoes orthodontic treatment wants their beautiful smile to be complete as fast as possible. Living with braces requires more time and attention devoted to maintaining good oral hygiene; if you don’t clean your teeth and gums adequately, …

jessicaThe Shortest Time In Braces

Masculine vs Feminine Smiles

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Is there such a thing as a feminine vs masculine smile? If so, what are those differences and should they be reflected in my own smile? So, let’s begin by establishing whether there is a genetic difference between the teeth …

jessicaMasculine vs Feminine Smiles

Can Teeth Be Slenderized?

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Drs. Abdoney and Cronauer use many techniques to give you your best smile. A simple and painless step that orthodontists call “Interproximal Reduction” may be indicated. This quick procedure involves slightly narrowing the width of some teeth by sanding away …

jessicaCan Teeth Be Slenderized?