Orthodontic Myths

by Michael Abdoney - 10/14/2023 -Orthodontic Care,orthodontic treatments,Orthodontics,Orthodontist Tampa FL

Orthodontics have been around for at least two centuries now yet the practice of teeth straightening is still plagued by several myths. Don't let falsehoods keep you from having a healthy and attractive smile. Let's bust those myths one by one.

1. Braces Are Only Meant For Kids
Not true! Anyone at any age can benefit from orthodontic treatments. It's never too late to get the beautiful, healthy smile you've always dreamed of. Today, more and more adults are realizing that.
However, it is true that adult cases can be more complicated due to gum disease or old dental work. That's why it's important to receive your treatment from a trained AAO orthodontist.

2. Anyone Who Provides Braces Is an Orthodontist
False. Not everyone out there offering braces and aligners is a certified, qualified orthodontist. You may have seen online companies or even general dentists offering methods to straighten your teeth, but they should be avoided. You should only trust your smile to an orthodontic specialist with a background of advanced training and qualified as a member of the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO).

3. You Don't Need Regular Office Visits to Straighten Your Teeth
In reality, office visits are vital to all orthodontics treatments no matter how simple or complex the case is. The shifting of teeth into the proper position requires carefully controlled movements and frequent monitoring. Problems could arise at any time during the treatment and should be addressed by an orthodontics specialist.

4. The Cost of Orthodontics is Outrageous
Orthodontists are healthcare professionals. Their fees are directly related to the complexity of each case. Some cases only take a few months to resolve; others may take longer. In any case, you're getting excellent care from a highly qualified professional. Most professionals offer free consultation and affordable payment plans to fit your individual situation.

5. Teeth Straightening is Purely Cosmetic
A winning smile is rewarding, but it's about more than good looks. If your teeth and jaws aren't properly aligned, it can affect biting, chewing, and even speaking. In fact, straight teeth and aligned jaws affect your overall health, and some people with perfectly straight teeth need orthodontic treatments.

6. Orthodontic Treatments Take Years to Complete.
Not necessarily. While it's true that it takes time to move your teeth into the correct position, a properly trained professional has the skills and know-how to match the severity of your case to the length of your treatment. Some cases may be resolved in a matter of months. Others may take longer, but patience will pay off in the long run.

7. All Braces Are Bulky and Ugly.
Most people think braces mean a mouthful of metal. Not true. Today's qualified professionals have a range of other options available to align your teeth including fixed and removable appliances as well as plastic and clear options. But you should only trust an AAO orthodontist to recommend an alternative appliance for you.