Masculine vs Feminine Smiles

by Michael Abdoney - 05/30/2022 -feminine smile,Orthodontics,Orthodontist Tampa FL

Men, typically have canines and incisors with larger diameters in contrast to women. This creates an overall different effect and makes men’s teeth look squarer and bulkier. With shorter diameters, women’s teeth appear longer and slender.

Put simply, masculine smiles show central incisors (front teeth) than the lateral ones (the side teeth). However, taller central incisors give a more youthful appearance and look more feminine.

Does Your Smile Your Gender?

Teeth that appear young or smaller are not considered masculine. Men’s teeth should look larger and squarer with angular and hard shapes according to some dentists. Women, on the other hand, have rounded shape of teeth.

Though there are significant differences between men's and women's smiles, you may find many experts disagreeing on the “masculine vs. feminine” phenomenon. So there are no standard criteria when it comes to making your smile gender-specific.

In fact, the desire to get the perfect masculine or feminine smile depends on the preference of an individual.

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Give You a Perfect Masculine or Feminine Smile?

To answer the question precisely, yes cosmetic dentistry may give you the desired smile. Dental Experts at Abdoney Orthodontics are competent and highly trained in their field. They excel at re-contouring your teeth to give them a masculine or feminine appearance (as per your preference).

Expert orthodontics can help you preserve your oral health by correcting the size and proportion of your teeth. All you need is to visit Abdoney Orthodontics and discuss with your orthodontist surgeon what you’re looking for.

Summing Up

Masculine vs. feminine smile is not a new concept. People have certain criteria when they judge people based on the size, shape, and appearance of their teeth. Thus, the article explains everything you need to know about the key differences between masculine vs. feminine smiles.