Can Teeth Move After Braces?

by Michael Abdoney - 09/13/2017 -Braces

If you’re paying hundreds of dollars for braces, you’ll want to make sure they’re long lasting.

And if you’re getting your braces off, it can be tempting to neglect your oral hygiene. But watch out, you’ll want to know what to expect when your braces finally come off.

After all, it’s important that all that expensive dentistry wasn’t for naught. Read here to learn more about how and why teeth move after braces.

Can teeth move after braces?

Quite simply, yes, your teeth may move after braces. After all, your teeth moved quite a bit when your braces were put on, so it makes sense they could move after.

There are a few major reasons why teeth move after braces, here are a few of the most common.

You’re not wearing your retainer

If you’ve already had your braces removed, you likely got a lengthy speech about the importance of your retainer. This isn’t just for your orthodontist’s benefit.

Be sure you pay attention and wear your retainer as directed. It may seem like an inconvenience, but you may undo years’ worth of dental work.

You grind your teeth

Tons of people grind their teeth — and most aren’t even aware of it! According to the American Academy of Oral Medicine, this is one of the most common reasons teeth move after braces.

If you’re one of the many people who grind their teeth, there are a few things you can do to try and kick the habit:

  • Try and be more aware of when you’re grinding your teeth.
  • Look into mouth guards.
  • Wear your retainer! Your retainer not only keeps your teeth straight, it serves as a mouth guard against grinding.

How to prevent tooth movement

Wear your retainer!

Are you sensing a theme here?

The best thing you can do for your teeth is to wear your retainer. It may seem like a pain, but it beats painful tooth shifting.

If you don’t wear your retainer it’s more likely that your teeth move after braces are removed.

If your retainer seems like more of a chore than a helpful aid, don’t worry. After a short adjustment period, you’ll only have to wear your retainer for a few hours at night.


We all have plenty of hustle and bustle in our lives, so it’s important to our health that we adequately de-stress.

Take some time at the end of the day to just relax. This can include anything from a nice cup of tea to your favorite hobby, just make sure it’s relaxing.

Just a few relaxing minutes can stop you from grinding your teeth at night. your mouth and brain will thank you.

And it won’t just help your tooth grinding, either! There’s tons of data that suggest de-stressing has benefits that go beyond dentistry. Make sure that you’re taking care of yourself.

Now that you know the biggest reasons teeth move after braces and how you can prevent it, book an appointment today!

Whether you need braces or just want to brighten your smile, our friendly staff is here to help.