What is the Damon orthodontic system?

by Michael Abdoney - 10/20/2019 -Damon

Damon Braces
Damon braces fit similar to traditional braces, but they are self-ligating appliances. Traditional braces will need to have the brackets regularly tightened and adjusted. These braces use a slide mechanism designed to connect the wires with the brackets. During the realignment process, they move naturally with a person’s teeth. Those who have these braces like their appearance and the comfort they experience with them. They also provide stronger results in less time.

Different Method
These braces use a different method to get a person’s teeth into the right position. They are connected to memory wired. This is connected to slide brackets that don’t have the pressure associated with traditional elastics. The braces can be set to move with a person’s teeth and slowly tighten over time. This process requires much less force when compared to traditional braces.

Advantages Over Traditional Braces
These braces provide people with benefits not available with traditional braces.

*There are fewer places on the braces for bacteria and plaque to accumulate. Products are available to prevent white spot lesions from occurring during the process.

*The clear brackets makes these braces more aesthetically pleasing. They provide a better appearance since they’re basically invisible.

*These braces avoid deterioration and erosion of a person’s teeth. The reason is there’s significantly less friction.

*There is less pain since there is less pressure on a person’s teeth. Patients with these braces report more than 59 percent less discomfort.

*These braces have a quicker treatment time. A study showed people were done with their treatment more than 7 months earlier when compared to people who had traditional braces.

*There are fewer in-office visits required. The study also showed how people were able to have excellent results with half as many appointments to manually adjust their braces.

This will be determined by the amount of correction a person requires. The cost could be under $4,000 or up to $8,000. The treatment involving these braces are accepted by most spending accounts (FSAs) as well as dental insurance plans. It is also possible to find an orthodontist who provides a payment plan for those who get this treatment.

There are things people must know about these braces when considering them.

*Cost – They are more expensive than traditional braces but also provide benefits unable to be experienced by traditional braces.

*Metal Wires – These can be visible to others, but it is also possible to have Damon Clear. With this, there is no need for metal brackets, so their visibility is minimized.

*Irritating – The first few days a person has these braces they may find them irritating to wear. After this time, people will get used to them.

Damon braces are an orthodontic option for people who would benefit from having something other than traditional braces. It is important to know that only a qualified orthodontic professional will be able to properly fit these braces. Contacting a qualified orthodontist is the first step.