What Is AcceleDent?

by Michael Abdoney - 11/20/2019 -Uncategorized

What Is It?

AcceleDent is a device, approved by the FDA, that uses soft pulsating technology and cyclic pressure to help properly align and level teeth through soft vibrations. It’s an adjunctive therapy that works in combination with regular orthodontic care for all types of braces.

Not only does it reduce treatment up to 50 percent, but it also reduces discomfort. A win-win for sure!

How Does It Work?

This product is portable, removable, and can operate hands-free. There is no need to fidget with it or hold it in place.

Its patented SoftPulse technology carefully vibrates teeth. As it works to align the teeth, it also aids in the leveling process, which means to move the teeth to an even level. As it levels the teeth, it also aligns them properly in the arch.

How Can I Use AcceleDent?

Only 20 minutes per session each day is all it takes. It’s easy to use. Just place the mouthpiece into the activator and plug it into the wall outlet or via USB cable to a computer for charging. When ready for use, place the mouthpiece in the mouth, bite down on it to securely keep it in place, and make sure the teeth are firmly in contact on all sides.

Give it 20 minutes to apply its SoftPulse technology to level and align the teeth. Only 20 minutes per session per day is sufficient. Using it longer will not improve the results.

Is It Safe?

Of course! The FDA has approved AcceleDent, and people of all ages can benefit from it.

Conducted tests have shown no adverse reactions or additional tooth damage when using this product. The vibrating technology acts to soothe teeth and decrease the discomfort associated with wearing braces.

What About Maintenance?

Just clean it daily and keep it charged. The LED indicator will rapidly flash orange when it’s time to recharge. Place the mouthpiece in the activator and plug it into the wall outlet using the power adapter, or connect it to a computer with the USB cord. It will slowly flash orange to indicate that it’s charging. The LED light will turn green when it’s ready for use.

How Can I Get It?

Even though AcceleDent has been proven to reduce orthodontic treatment by 50 percent, a consultation with an orthodontist suggested. This product is available by prescription only.