Is An All Digital Office the Wave of the Future in Orthodontics?

by Michael Abdoney - 06/26/2017 -3D scanning services


Most orthodontists say that a digital office will soon be standard practice in the industry. They can help to streamline and improve any treatment!

This one of the many ways Abdoney Orthodontics stands out from the rest!

Read on to learn about how the many benefits of a digital office make it the wave of the future.

Digital Files and Charts

This is a huge benefit of a digital office, and the main reason why many believe digital will take over the orthodontic world.

You’re able to access a patient’s entire history digitally – and most of all, securely.

Plus, this makes checking in and out of appointments, as well as scheduling them in the first place, much less of a headache!

Easier Sign In

Gone are the days of having to wait for the receptionist to get back from her lunch break so you can sign in for your appointment.

When patients check in for their appointments, their orthodontist is notified at once – no more waiting around!

The Benefits of A Digital Diagnosis

The good things a high-tech office can do for your patients and practice also extend to the way you treat your patients.

First of all, newer, advanced 3D screening devices means no more uncomfortable, gooey impressions!

These digital scans also help orthodontists to get a total view of a patient’s mouth, even underneath the gums and other tissues.

These new advancements of a digital office can even pinpoint the exact angles and positions of individual teeth. Now, procedures can be less invasive and less time consuming.

This means that treatment plans will be more effective, and will take fewer appointments to complete.

Still Curious About How An All Digital Office Revolutionizes Orthodontics?

Hey, we’re all about always continuing to learn and grow, too.

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