Will My Teeth Move After Braces?

by Michael Abdoney - 08/08/2022 -Braces,Retainers

So, you have just had your braces removed, and now you are worried about the movement of your teeth. This is a common concern among people who have had the procedure or are contemplating getting braces. However, most patients can be confident that their teeth will remain in place after removing the appliance. At Abdoney Orthodontics, the medical staff recognizes that each patient has different needs, so they make it as easy for you to get the best orthodontic treatment.

About Braces

A Brace is dental appliances that help correct issues with your teeth, such as crooked teeth, crowding, protruding teeth, or misaligned teeth. Most people get this appliance as teenagers, but adults can also get them. With time, your teeth will gradually align and straighten.

But how do they work? Your dentist will attach brackets, arch wires, and sometimes ring-like bands to your teeth. When this is completed, the brace must be adjusted periodically to achieve the desired alignment. After adjustments or tightening, a retainer, which is an appliance to prevent teeth from shifting, is essential to keep the correct position or alignment.

Will My Teeth Move After Braces?

Due to the very nature of a living organism, teeth are subject to the forces you introduce, like talking, chewing, talking, and swallowing. This also includes the body's natural physiological changes and the ligament and bone memory.

A tendency will always exist for teeth to return to their original alignment. Some factors may cause undesirable movement, like your tongue, which is a sturdy muscle that constantly presses against your teeth as you speak and chew. In response to these pressures, your teeth may move quickly, particularly during the first nine months after treatment.

Occasional shifts in the settling of the teeth are typical, expected, and beneficial, but extensive movements are concerning. Some settling is desirable and common to help stabilize the bite for comfort. When you smile or sneeze, your mouth and face muscles contract can affect the teeth' position over time. Other factors include aging, grinding your teeth, and genetics. Unfortunately, teeth always move in the direction of least resistance, so if nothing holds your teeth in place, they may move.


Once your braces are removed, your teeth will settle over time. Keep in mind that your body has undergone tremendous changes in a short time. The ligaments and bones surrounding your teeth had to adjust so they could move. Restoring the ideal equilibrium between the bones and ligaments takes time after the repositioning of the teeth.

This is why wearing retainers is crucial for long-term stability. As the body constantly changes, retainers hold the teeth in place while the bone and ligaments around the roots change. Without retainers, the teeth are susceptible to movement and often revert to their original positions. It is recommended that you always wear your retainer, whether you are eating or sleeping.

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