Best Tampa Ghost Stories

by Michael Abdoney - 10/20/2022 -Florida,Tampa

If you have visited Ybor City any time of the night, you are going to experience tales about the spirits that exist around the suburb. During a recent report, these stories about ghosts are more active this year. Therefore, you need to tour Tampa Bay often not only during the holiday times but also when you are free to get to hear the ghostly tales.

The City of Tampa is also referred to as the damnedest city this side of Hell. The reason behind the name is that it had rum runners and bootleggers more than any other ghost spirits. Ybor suburb is located downtown Tampa neighborhood. It was initiated in the late 1800s by cigar manufacturers. Some of the locations with historic sites are verified to be among the best place to visit in the country.

However, because change is inevitable the place today is surrounded by resorts, clubs, and shops. If you are planning to visit the haunted location don’t be discouraged because there is still hope for the ancient time feeling. You will find a long history of ghosts and spirits of soldiers who died in 1908 as a result of a great fire. Here are some of the stories from Tampa’s most haunted places:

The place in Cuban City that is most haunted

This is the most iconic place to be, it was built in 1917. The building is equipped with a two-story theater, pool, ballroom, cantina, bowling lanes, and a library. In 1920 two death cases occurred. Firstly, an actor committed suicide while on the stage and secondly, a member of the board was murdered when arguing with a colleague.

The spirit is said to haunt the building to date. It has been reported by many people that a lady ghost wearing a misty dress coming down the staircase. There have also been reports that pianos will start playing with no one playing them. Finally, the elevator will begin to run at weird times.

At the former Florida Brewery Company, there is a drunken Cuban ghost.

However, the place has now been renovated into attorney offices. The building comprises Rodante P.A. on East 5th Avenue and the Swope. At first, it was opened as a nightclub. They offered free beer to the first customers. A fight broke out when the man was fighting for beer and was murdered. He hit his head and died. The place is haunted by the man to date. Reports state that the man is heard speaking in Spanish and walking around the attorney's offices.

The most haunted hotel in Tampa Bay has to be the Don CeSar Hotel

Another place to visit is the Don CeSar Hotel. The owner of the hotel Thomas Rowe and his lovely wife Lucinda's spirit still haunt the place. The couple started dating when they met in London. Lucinda's parents ended the relationship by sending her back to Spain. When Thomas returned home he found out that Lucinda had left. He built a beautiful pink hotel to resemble the hotel they had met with Lucinda. He late died in 1940. Reports suggest that they are seen walking inside the hotel while holding hands on the beach.