5 Steps to Help Remove A Baby Tooth Painlessly

by Michael Abdoney - 11/15/2020 -baby teeth,Teeth

When a child has a loose tooth, there is no need for a dentist. Losing baby teeth is an essential stage in a child's life. Kids lose their teeth at around the age of 6 to pave the way for adult teeth. Losing a tooth is relatively painful, and thus it's normal for a child to be uncomfortable. Kids are a little bit scared because they don't know what will happen after they lose their teeth. As a parent, you need to be beside your child to help them remove the loose teeth.

Here are steps to help your child pull their loose tooth without pain.

1. Keep Wiggling

Before pulling out the tusk, wiggle it as much as possible to make it easily removable. You can use the index finger and thumb or request your little angel to gently wiggle the loose tooth using their tongue. Monitor your kid to ensure they do not push it too hard to avoid being hurt.

2. Chew Crunchy Food

Chewing crunchy food, such as pears, carrots, and apples, is smart to make the loosening process painless and quick. However, it is imperative to have them chew something tender before biting something crunchy. If it gets painful, they can bite an ice pop to help numb the pain.

3. Brush Vigorously

Amazingly, you can use a brush to remove a child's teeth without much pain. However, you need to be a bit keen to avoid hurting the kids' gum. It is recommendable to use the up and down motion to rub all sides of the loose teeth. Repeat the process several times until it falls out.

4. Use Medical Gauze

It is prudent to use a medical gauze to remove the loose teeth in a more comfortable and sterile way if possible. You should not be in a hurry to remove the loose teeth. If the teeth aren't loose enough, tell your child to anchor the tongue at the roof of the mouth and using the point of the tongue to move it back and forth repeatedly. Remember to give them time until they are loose enough to fall out pain-free. When the teeth get loose enough, hold them with a gauze piece one by one and remove them gently.

5. Visit Your Dentist

Lastly, if it's difficult to remove the loose tusk without much pain, it is better to book an appointment with your dentist. A dentist will pull it out painlessly and examine the child's oral health. Additionally, they will help your child deal with the pain they may experience after their tusk is removed.

Here are frequently asked questions about loose baby teeth.

When Can Parents Help A Child Pull A Loose Tooth?

It is good to note that teeth should only be pulled out when they are extremely loose. When pulling it out, it is essential to ensure that your child doesn't feel any pain. If the process is painful, that is an indication that the root hasn't dissolved completely.

When Happens If Teeth Are Pulled Out Too Early?

Pulling out teeth too early can have a detrimental impact on the kid's dental health. It results in excessive bleeding, and the attention of a dentist is necessary.