Mewing is a bad Idea

by Michael Abdoney - 03/15/2023 -Orthodontics

You may have heard about mewing – many people think this technique helps to restructure the face, which includes jawbones, facial bones, and soft tissue. Some people also believe it may help with sinusitis, sleep apnea, and other issues.

While this seems like a good idea, if you think you can completely change your facial structure by tongue placement, you are living a lie. Interestingly, the idea came from the work of a father-son duo, John Mew and Michael Mew, who promoted a new form of orthodontics called orthotropics, focusing on jaw posture. The term “mewing” originated from an online movement by a group of people who wanted to change their facial structure using orthotropics.

This article will explore why mewing does not work and why you should not trust online advice on this technique.

Online Advice Mewing is a bad Idea

The online advice you read about mewing does not provide enough evidence about the effectiveness of this technique. Moreover, medical professionals sometimes use techniques similar to mewing to treat misaligned teeth, but it’s just one part of the treatment. Amateurs should avoid doing this exercise as it might cause irreversible damage to their face structure.

Many popular online sites show the effectiveness of the face restructuring technique by posting before and after photos of people who have tried this method –however, the photos were likely fake.

On these online platforms, the surveys for users who have undergone mewing involve only about one-third of those who underwent the face restructuring procedure. Additionally, the idea of people doing it at home is a complete myth. People may opt for facial restructuring procedure for two reasons

  • They want to look attractive and restructure their face
  • They want a well-defined jawline

Mewers claim they can change a person's face structure within some weeks to a couple of months. However, these claims have no scientific evidence, and experts rule out the possibility of any permanent change to your jawline with mewing.

The online advice may be unreliable as they don’t come from a medical professional. This fact can be proven by those who claim to have undergone the procedures and those who do not go for such procedures. The technique is only for medical professionals, such as Abdoney Orthodontics, and you should not try it yourself or trust this “online advice” as it may lead to other problems, such as loose or chipped teeth.