Mewing is a bad Idea

by Michael Abdoney - 09/15/2021 -Orthodontics

Mewing is a new technique to restructure the face structure involving jawbones, facial bones, and soft tissue changes. While it may seem like a good idea, there are fundamental reasons not to get involved with this fad. There is a current internet trend of online advice about mewing floating around the internet. Such advice comes from none other than the creators of this technique. The people who claim they can change their facial structure by just tongue placement are a complete lie. The technique is only recommended for medical professionals, not for amateurs who might create irreversible damages to their face structure. The article will elaborate on why the online advice on the practice may not be effective as displayed on those online platforms.

Online Advice Mewing is a bad Idea

Despite the many online pieces of advice about the technique, there has not been any credible evidence that it has any significant impact on the facial shape. For instance, in popular online sites showcasing the face restructuring technique, the people in charge post several photos of beneficiaries to show how the technique can change one's face in a matter of moments. The problem is that those photos were edited and photoshopped, and all those people claiming to be before and after Mewers were never actually involved.

In the online platform, the surveys for users who have undergone mewing involve only about a third of those who underwent the face restructuring procedure. The idea that one can do it at home is a complete myth as well. The actual reason why people want to undergo facial restructuring is either because they want to look more attractive or they're going through the face transformation process. The face transformation process is simply absurd. Mewers claim they can change a person's face structure within a matter of some weeks to a couple of months. Such claims are unjustified and not valid for any reason.

The online advice may be unreliable because they were set by someone who is not a medical professional. This fact can be proven by the people who claim to have undergone the procedures and those who do not go for such procedures at all. The procedure is only recommended for medical professionals, such as Abdoney Orthodontics. The online advice should be treated as just that - "online advice" to those who might want to try or use this new technique.