Best Ice Cream Shops in Tampa

by Michael Abdoney - -Tampa

Do you have any idea how many ice cream parlors are available in the Tampa Bay area? Regardless, if you're searching for a decadent sundae or a lighter dessert, Tampa has plenty of options. We've done the legwork for you and found the greatest ice cream businesses in Tampa Bay. Below is a list of six ice cream establishments in Tampa Bay. As an orthodontist we like ice cream as well but just make sure it is in moderation and don't forget to brush regularly so the sugar doesn't sit on your teeth.

Revolution Ice Cream

In the Tampa Bay area, Revolution Ice Cream was the first to provide innovative ice cream flavors. One of customers' favorite hangout locations is their decor shop. They have a wide variety of flavors, including cinnamon rolls as well as fiery hot chocolate. If you want a lighter scoop, non-dairy alternatives are also available.

Mayday at the Joinery

Mayday serves locally handmade ice cream at its modern dining hall. Raja Honey, Lavender Melange, and Donuts are some of their most favorites. Not only that, sprinkles and waffle cones made in-house are available. If you're searching for a vegan delicacy, dairy-free alternatives are offered.

Because of its beautiful modern design and industrial undertones, it is a popular hangout for wannabe influencers. Mayday is an excellent location for photographing your artistic specialty ice cream.

Dough Nation

Dough Nation is the local residents' favorite destinations, especially since it is where they can purchase edible cookie dough. Local residents may order cookie dough along with their favorite ice cream, as a tasty milkshake or sundae. As a sundae topping, we suggest their delicious sugar cookie dough.

Jeni’s Ice Cream

It is a well-known grocery store brand that specializes in artisan ice cream. They offer a variety of add-ins within their ice cream, including toasted oat streusel, black currants, and Froze and Brambleberry Crisp. Jeni's is considered one of the best ice cream shops.

Plant Love Ice Cream

It is a Saint Pete establishment that specializes in dairy-free ice cream. Plant Love is the ideal place to go, if you happen to be vegan or lactose intolerant. They also prioritize helping the environment by committing to become a no-waste company.

We suggest having the five scoops deal, to get a sample of a variety of flavors. Choco P.B. Banana as well as Matcha are two of their most popular flavors.

Astro Ice Cream

This location has spectacular ice cream sundaes with toppings, such as peanut butter cups, caramel, and fresh bananas. Astro has spectacular flavors that are sure to satisfy any customer’s sweet tooth. Local residents love their unique flavors, which is why this ice cream shop draws so many customers annually.