Goodness in Tampa Bay During a Year of Heartache

by Michael Abdoney - 12-31-20 -Tampa

Although 2020 hasn't been a year filled with all of the joy and fun that people expected, there have still been positive events that have taken place in Tampa Bay. Blended in with the racial tensions, COVID-19 outbreaks, and politics that have divided families and friends, there are people who made the year good for others, showing that it's all in how you look at your surroundings.

St. Pete Pier

After waiting for the pier to be finished, residents of Tampa Bay and guests were finally able to enjoy walking its length in 2020. Lawn areas on either side of the pier allow for groups to enjoy a picnic or play an outdoor game while the views of the city at night are breathtaking.

More Pets

The number of pets seemed to increase in Tampa Bay in 2020. Dogs, cats, and other animals have offered companionship to those who have been unable to leave their homes. They have also been able to light up the room for those who have experienced depression whether it's because of a loved one passing away due to COVID or because someone has made difficult choices pertaining to a budget. Many people attended adoption events in 2020 when they were looking for pets so that even those that were forgotten could have a home.


Since COVID-19 halted viewing movies indoors, more people discovered the fun and excitement of going to a drive-in. Many businesses and private organizations held outdoor movie events across the city so that families and friends could safely watch movies and enjoy time together.


More people tended to their health in 2020 than in recent years. From going to the dentist about a tooth to going to a primary care doctor to ensure that they didn't have COVID-19, people reached out to doctors and nurses of all backgrounds so that they could stay healthy. Protective supplies have been ordered more during the year to protect against illnesses, such as gloves, masks, and face shields, in order to keep others from getting sick. There have also been two vaccines launched to help with the fight against COVID-19.


Numerous artists took to the streets in Tampa Bay to paint words and images as a way to stand up for diversity. Many of the artists crafted images after the death of George Floyd, offering a way for people to remember the man who died and to understand that racial divisions don't have to exist. Artists who offered their support include Bianca Burrows and Cam Parker.