How to Get Whiter Teeth

by Michael Abdoney - 02/26/21 -Teeth

Everyone wants their teeth to look as white as possible. That gives you that Hollywood smile, but sometimes, people see a little discoloration. This could happen because you drink too much coffee or because you like a little wine with your meals.

Other times, it happens because you smoke. Whatever the reason, you start to see that white smile fade away so you start looking for solutions. The following are a few solutions to reclaim that smile of yours.

The Baking Soda Option

Some think baking soda is a little too abrasive for your teeth. This has stopped people from using this to whiten their smile, but the truth is you can use baking soda without damaging the surface of your teeth.

The trick is to use baking soda gently. It may be a good idea to only focus on the problem areas and brush gently in circular motions.

You don't have to brush that area with baking soda every day, just every so often until you start seeing positive results. Keep in mind this particular solution is only meant to deal with surface stains. Deeper stains will probably need professional attention.

Whitening Toothpaste

Those who don't want to use baking soda can turn to the experts themselves: toothpaste makers. There are toothpaste formulas for almost every issue, including things like dental sensitivity, but there's also whitening toothpaste.

These are very effective because of their carbamide peroxide content. These are safe because the content is low. The thing is, you can't use whitening toothpaste for too long. This ingredient can become too strong over time.

At some point, it can cause enamel erosion, and you don't want that. Whitening toothpaste is only meant to help deal with surface stains. It should make your smile look about one or two shades lighter. If you use this toothpaste excessively, you might hurt your enamel, so make sure this is just a short-term solution.

The Whitening Strip

You've seen those teeth-whitening strips in commercials or maybe at your local pharmacy. They certainly look appealing and seem to promise a lot.

The truth is these products do work, so if you want to brighten up your smile, then you know this is an option.

Still, the product intends to bleach your teeth, and that's something you can't forget either. This is the reason you need to read the instructions and follow them as best you could.

Usually, a whitening strip cannot be used longer than five minutes each day. These strips should only be applied for two weeks and no longer to avoid causing any damage. Whitening strips are meant to work on surface stains; deeper stains will need professional attention.

Hopefully, you can reclaim your smile using some of these safe whitening methods. You deserve that smile, and you just need to work a bit to bring it out.