How Long Do I Have to Wear Braces

by Michael Abdoney - 01/05/2020 -Braces

Some patients need little work, and the process can take as little as six months, while more severe conditions could even possibly extend out to three years. No estimate of time will work for every patient when it comes to orthodontics.

Orthodontic Treatments Vary
There are many orthodontic treatments available. Older and more traditional therapies include metal ones with wires. These kinds of teeth straighteners are still a very viable option available for patients. This conventional treatment is advantageous because metal braces are made of high-quality stainless steel, making them very durable and strong.

There are also ceramic braces designed for aesthetics. These teeth straighteners are composed of thicker composite materials that are larger and weaker than traditional metal ones.

There is more friction between ceramic ones and the wire, which increases the amount of time for treatment. Teeth move slower with higher resistance.

Finding an experienced orthodontist with a thorough understanding of what is needed to move teeth and make adjustments to compensate for the added friction in ceramic teeth straighteners. With new advancements in braces, both metal and ceramic ones have shorter treatment times.

There is also a new orthodontics treatment called SureSmile, which can cut down on treatment time. It uses new technology with 3-D digital diagnostics and simulation of treatment. SureSmile uses clear aligners to straighten teeth.

Another new treatment is accelerated orthodontics, where the biology of the patient changed at a cellular level to speed up the movement of the teeth. It can be combined with teeth straighteners to make the process up to 50% faster than traditional treatments.

Your Age Makes a Difference
Your age is a significant factor in the time it takes to achieve your results with teeth straighteners. Orthodontists generally recommend evaluations for children as young as seven. Because their mouths are still developing, it is easier to administer treatment. Teenagers also have easier procedures because of their age.

Adult orthodontic treatments often take longer because their teeth have grown in and developed.

Your Treatment Program
The top factor to consider when it comes to the length of treatment is how severe your case is, and what kind of dental problems need to be addressed with treatment. Patients will minor spacing issues don’t need to wear them as long, and may only require a year’s worth of therapy.

A patient with more significant dental needs will naturally require longer treatment times.

Real Talk About Treatment Compliance
When patients keep an optimistic view of their orthodontics treatments, they can expect better results. It’s essential to work together with your orthodontist to guarantee exceptional treatment results. You will want to keep up with your oral hygiene with your teeth straighteners, keep all of your appointments with your orthodontist, and follow the detailed instructions for using your appliances