Our Intra-oral Scanners

by Michael Abdoney - 07/23/2018 -intraoral scanner,Orthodontics
What’s so great about an intraoral scanner?

It’s a critical part of providing patients with a comfortable experience when taking our necessary records of your orthodontic treatment. Models of your teeth are needed to help your orthodontist plan your treatment and to make retainers and appliances. Before this technology, an assistant would fill a mouth tray with pink goop, called alginate, that would record a mold of your teeth and palate. When performed properly it is highly accurate, but its a messy and uncomfortable process! Our Itero Element scanner is arguably the most advanced intraoral scanner on the market today and provides the same level of accuracy in less time and with less discomfort.

In addition, our new Itero Element intraoral scanners have an Invisalign Outcome Simulator program built in. This means that prospective new patients can visualize what their teeth will look like after orthodontic treatment is completed! This feature is available whether you are treated with Invisalign clear aligners or with braces.

At Abdoney Orthodontics, we pride ourselves in consistently using the latest in orthodontic technology as the field of orthodontics has advanced! You can check out our Itero Element scanners when you tour our office, at your records/consultation appointment, or when you come for your regular adjustment appointments.