7 Reasons Why Straight Teeth Matter

by Michael Abdoney - 07/08/2022 -Orthodontist Tampa FL,Teeth

Good oral hygiene is crucial to overall health. It is often believed that straight teeth are the most attractive. However, crooked or missing teeth can be a more serious problem than is often thought because they can affect how we speak, chew, and even breathe. With that in mind, here are seven reasons why straight teeth matter:

1. Clear Speech

Typically, people with straight teeth can speak with ease. This is mainly because their teeth do not catch or distort their voice's sounds the way crooked or missing teeth can. Wearing braces can make your speech sound slightly different, but clearing up a crooked mouth will help you speak more clearly.

2. Improved Chewing and Biting

Chewing and biting problems are common among those with crooked or missing teeth. Many people with this problem do not realize it because the tongue covering the front of their mouth hides the problem. This distorts their chewing and biting ability, making it difficult to eat.

3. Higher Self Esteem

The psychological effect of crooked teeth can be quite significant. Orthodontics considers it to be the number one reason for cosmetic dental work or braces. As a result, having straight teeth can significantly impact self-esteem.

People with straight teeth are more likely to think positively about themselves and their appearance than those who do not have them. That is because crooked or missing teeth can cause such a negative impact that it causes people to feel very self-conscious about their looks.

4. Better Gum Health

People with straight teeth usually don't have issues cleaning their teeth and gums. However, people with crooked teeth often have trouble cleaning their teeth.

It is generally harder to brush your teeth when crooked because they do not fit together correctly. That is why straight teeth can mean better gum health and less plaque.

If you have crowded or crooked teeth, you may want to consider the services of an orthodontist in your region. They are the specialists who provide the best types of treatment for imperfections in teeth and jaw alignment.

5. Better Oral Health

Though people with crooked teeth often have higher amounts of plaque, it is also true that keeping them clean can be difficult. However, fortunately, this problem can be resolved with braces that straighten the mouth and improve oral health at the same time.

That will make removing plaque and bacteria from the mouth much more manageable. The result will be fewer cavities and better breath in the long run.

6. More Smiling

One of the reasons why people consider straightening their teeth is to improve their smiles. As it turns out, the jawbone directly below your teeth is what creates the smile.

When it is misaligned, the person can not smile with ease. Straightening teeth can help correct that problem, making it easier for people to pull off a great smile.

7. Better Digestion

The jawbone below your teeth holds the muscles that will move your lower jaw and open or close your mouth. When that area is misaligned, it often prevents you from opening and closing your mouth correctly, which affects your ability to eat and chew. As a result, a crooked or missing tooth can lead to poor digestion.


These seven reasons highlight why straight teeth matter. As you can see, crooked or missing teeth can have many issues beyond their appearance. That is why straightening them will not just make them look better but will positively impact how you eat and speak. Anyone looking for an easy way to improve their oral health should consider services from a qualified local orthodontist.