Clear Aligner in Spain Expands

by Michael Abdoney - -Clear Aligners

Impress, a Barcelona-based company, is taking the dental world by storm. It's not something the company is spearheading itself. This is happening because the digital world is taking over several aspects of people's lives.

The digital world has taken over the taxi industry since regular people can use ridesharing apps to connect to folks who are willing to give them rides. Impress is here to do something similar to the world of dental health. The company focuses on the orthodontic needs of the people in this city, country, and hopefully, even beyond that.

What Does the Company Focus On?

Impress focuses on dental alignment solutions for folks who have specific issues with their teeth. It's something people are clamoring for since the Spanish-based company was able to raise $50M in a Series A round.

The round just mentioned was led by none other than CareCapital. For those who don't know, this is one of the biggest PE firms that focus on everything involving the dental industry. The round had several big hitters or long-standing investors, like Nickleby Capital and UNIQA Ventures, just to name a few.

The company was already on the fast track, and with this additional funding, it's only going to continue to grow but at a much faster rate. It should be able to expand in the markets and move past Europe.

How the Company Combined the Old With the New?

The company was founded in 2019, and that shows how powerful the product is. Impress was created by Dr. Khaled Kasem with the help of folks who believed in his vision, like Diliara and Vladimir Lupenko who help with the financial aspect of the company's goal.

With today's technology, the company develops invisible dental aligners at a rate that couldn't be possible without today's tech. Before this technology was available, it took a long time to create, order, and give the product to patients who need them. All that time wasted before will no longer be wasted, thanks to companies like Impress.

The company is trying to transform the industry and create a chain of clinics focused only on orthodontic care. The people who visit these clinics are going to have access to aligners at a fast rate and affordable prices, which is good for everyone.

The company is going to be so ahead of its time that it's going to offer medical follow ups using today's technology. This means patients are going to be able to check on their progressions using their smartphones. Having this kind of support without coming into the dental care center is going to disrupt the way people expect to interact with their orthodontists.

As scary as that might be, that's exactly what people have always done. They try something new that may be hard to adjust to at the beginning, but people will eventually get used to it.