Is Straightening Teeth Purely Cosmetic?

by Michael Abdoney - 06/20/2023 -Braces

Straightening teeth is not purely cosmetic. Many health benefits come with this procedure. Patients who have dealt with accidents in their mouth, are missing teeth, or have a high overbite are all potential candidates for this procedure. All of these issues are corrected when the patient's teeth become straighter. Braces can fix problems with those that have lingered since childhood, like an overbite or tooth spacing problems, and it can also work wonders if the patient was diagnosed with misaligned jaws during adolescence.

5 Reasons Why Braces Are Not Just Cosmetic

1. Alignment of teeth

Braces are a way to straighten them without having to do anything else, such as avoiding foods that could damage tooth enamel. With these, people feel confident and can smile without feeling self-conscious. Braces align with them and should be worn for at least two years for maximum protection.

2. Bite correction

The top jaw should be lined up before the bottom when you bite down. Troubles can arise when there are gaps in between or misalignment in the front. Braces can provide the proper guidance so that they are positioned healthily. Some adults ` have misaligned, others have crowded or underbites, and some have overbites. Braces correct the bite by moving the jaw apart and shifting them up or down.

3. Jaw alignment

Braces correct protrusive (too far forward) and posterior (too far back) jaws. When the jaws are misaligned, it can impact your swallowing and speech, result in headaches and neck pain, alter the way you chew food, and cause TMJ disorder. Wearing an upper brace will help close the bite in adults with a small overbite. It also makes it easier to keep the lower jaw in line. With a lower brace, you will have an equal alignment

4. Speech improvement

Speech impediments, or speech disorders, are often a result of misaligned jaws. Misalignment can cause the tongue and other facial muscles to do work they should not have to do, affecting how you speak. Braces can fix these issues, moving your jaw into a proper position. It will help you speak clearly and improve the way you sound.

5. Preventive care

If you do not have a major dental problem, misaligned teeth will inevitably lead to other problems, such as gum disease and cavities. Correcting alignment early in adulthood can prevent major health issues from occurring later in life. It is even more important to correct misalignment early if your misalignment is the result of an injury or physical condition. Braces must be worn long enough for the jaw to reach its normal, healthy position.

Getting braces as an adult is a big decision, but it can help relieve your dental problems while preventing future health issues. Many people worry that straightening theirs is purely cosmetic, but there are several health benefits, such as the ones listed above. If you need to have yours straightened, consult an AAO orthodontist to determine your best treatment plan. It is always best to get an expert opinion before undergoing any treatment. Braces are not just cosmetic; they can help your health and appearance. You must wear them long enough for the jaw to reach a healthy position.