The New Revised Tampa Bay Riverwalk Place Tower

by Michael Abdoney - 06/29/2020 -Tampa
Tampa’s Riverwalk Place Tower will soon have a new design. The original plans were for a 50 floor hotel. In the spring of 2020, Two Roads Development announced they were going to change the plans to a 37 floor hotel. Riverwalk Place is located by 102 W. Whiting Street along the Hillsborough River. The 2.6 mile walk way is a popular spot for many family activities. At the Riverwalk Place, your family will enjoy using a private water taxi, bicycles, boat rides, water bikes, playgrounds and motor scooters. Also, nearby you will find dining spots, hotels, shopping centers, paper shredding, special events and much more at the Riverwalk. Some residents visit the walk way because it is pedestrian friendly. The Riverwalk is also open every day of the year. Moreover, the developers are going to taylor services toward the public. The pictures of the building are eye-catching. Furthermore, the plans are designed for 209 public parking spaces. Plus, 740 parking spaces are for the tenants. Each resident will get two parking spaces. This will be a mixed use multi-family residential hotel with two swimming pools. By the way, the first 13 floors will house 222 hotel rooms. On floors 14 through 36, you can expect to find different floor plans for condominiums. Floor number 37 is for the residents. The tenants will have access to a pool, a lounge and a gym with a view of the Bay. Additionally, plans are in the works for a restaurant and a cafe at the ground level. Also, this hotel will provide two way valet parking to drop off residents. Right now, the pictures show a very broad ivory-edged building that is divided into three sections. It looks like a world class hotel. The architecture firm Arquitectonica that is based in Miami picked this design. Most of the condominium owners will have a view of the water. This location was once proposed for a Trump Tower Tampa. However, high construction costs caused the deal to fall apart. Now, Two Roads Development is going to develop a luxury hotel in the heart of downtown Tampa. The city's website list Gregory Stepp as the general contractor. On a final note, Two Roads Development is also operating in other major cities in the United States. Recently, the company decided to bring its expertise to the Tampa Bay area after working with the Riverwalk hotel operators and the community. The Bay residents are about to see a real luxury hotel.