Additional Procedures With Braces

by Michael Abdoney - 06/25/2018 -Braces,Orthodontics
  • Extractions: Overcrowded mouths often require the removal of some teeth in order to achieve straight teeth and correct the bite. Removing teeth may be necessary to protect your teeth from gum recession by preventing flaring of the teeth.
  • Exposures: Impacted teeth (other than wisdom teeth) may need to be uncovered by an oral surgeon or periodontist (a gum specialist). During this procedure the surgeon bonds a button with a chain that your orthodontist then uses to pull the impacted tooth down into position.
  • Gingivectomy/Crown Lengthening: Patients with gummy smiles that have short, square appearing teeth before braces may benefit from having a periodontist trim the gums of your front teeth to reveal a larger smile. People that don’t maintain good oral hygiene often experience puffy, swollen gums while in braces. If this swelling doesn’t go down after removing braces, Dr.s Abdoney and Cronauer may recommend that your gums be trimmed at that time.
  • Crowns/Veneers/Buildups: For patients that have one or more disproportionately narrow teeth, it may be necessary to change the shape and size of the teeth in question by having a restoration done by your dentist.
  • Bleaching: If either you or your orthodontist feels that you could benefit from having whiter teeth, bleaching should be done after having braces. Ask your dentist about in office or at home bleaching trays.