What is the Ideal Smile?

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There are several factors that go into creating an ideal smile. While many aesthetic problems can be controlled with orthodontics, some can only be treated with restorations by a dentist or prosthodontist. Let’s first go over things that orthodontists consider to create beautiful smiles!

Ideal Vertical Positioning of Teeth

Contrary to what some people think, making teeth “straight” doesn’t mean lining their edges up. Typically, lateral incisors should be 0.5mm above the central incisors and the tips of the canine teeth should be 0.5mm below the level of the central incisors. Believe it or not, these little details make a big difference and your orthodontist is well practiced in gauging these small measurements!

Positioning teeth with braces is also guided by your lips when smiling. Ideally, the six front teeth should gently mimic the curvature of your lower lip. Not following this gentle curve may give the appearance of false teeth in some people.

Ideal Proportion of Teeth: A Multidisciplinary Approach

There is a mathematical proportion of width and height that is widely accepted as the “perfect” esthetics of the six front teeth. Short, square appearing teeth can be improved by procedures done by a gum specialist (periodontist) that reduce the amount of gums covering the teeth.

There’s also an ideal relationship of the width of the central incisors, lateral incisors, and canines to each other. Excessively large teeth may cause your bite in the front to be slightly off. In these cases, Dr. Abdoney may slightly reduce the size of the teeth and then close the resulting spaces in order for your bite to fit together ideally. Not only can this improve your bite, but it’s also an aesthetic advantage in some people. Small, narrow, or chipped teeth can be improved by crowns, veneers, or “build up” restorations made by a general dentist or prosthodontist. The most common teeth to need a restoration are the lateral incisors, which are frequently proportionally smaller than the rest of the front teeth.

Your Ideal Color

Many people believe that the most beautiful and youthful looking teeth are bright white. Teeth bleaching can be done after orthodontic treatment as the finishing touch to your new smile. Your dentist can help you select what shade is possible for you to achieve with bleaching.


jessicaWhat is the Ideal Smile?