Types of Appliances

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This appliance is used in overbite cases after leveling and aligning your bite. We use a spring that is connected to the brackets to bring your jaw forward.
Herbst Appliance
We use a Herbst in more severe overbite cases as an alternative to jaw surgery. This appliance can even be used on adults and is believed to stimulate lower jaw growth to deliver stability after your braces come off.
Elastics (Rubber Bands)
We connect small elastomeric rubber bands from one tooth to another to improve positioning.
This appliance is used in younger patients to increase the perimeter of the upper jaw.
An appliance used in underbite cases to advance your upper arch forward. It is used with adolescents before the age of 9 as an attempt to avoid later jaw surgery.
TPA Appliance
Typically used after an expander, this fixed retainer runs across your palate to hold your teeth in place. It can also be used to hold space when a primary tooth is lost earlier than usual.
Lingual Arch
This lingual retainer is used on the lower arch to hold space after your phase I treatment. Similar to the TPA Appliance, we also use it in instances of early loss of a primary tooth.
Fixed Retainer
This is typically used after your treatment is complete. We bond wires to the inside of your upper and lower arches to hold your teeth in place. These are most often used in severe cases, along with clear retainers.