How 3D Scanning Services Can Improve Your Visit To The Orthodontist

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3D Scanning Services Improve Visits To The Orthodontist

3D scanning services are helping dentistry make really big strides. Read to learn how 3D scanning services can improve your visit to the orthodontist.

Orthodontists are always looking for ways to improve their practice, to make their patients more comfortable, and they’re into the latest technology and tools.

No matter the reason for your trip to the orthodontist, 3D scanning services can make your experience – and the results of anything you have done – even better.

In fact, 3D scanning services are expected to revolutionize orthodontics across the globe.

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of these scanners!

What Are 3D Scanning Services?

Essentially, these help dentists and orthodontists to better diagnose the problems in your teeth and mouth, so they can work towards a more effective and permanent solution. 

Since they can see your teeth more clearly through a 3D image of your mouth, they can catch problems that were difficult to find in the past.

Plus, they can see your entire mouth at once – not just small sections. Also, they’ll be able to see how your teeth line up with one another clearly.


Finally, these 3D Scanning Services mean less radiation exposure. We can all agree that this is a positive thing.

What Are The Benefits of 3D Scanning Services?

There are a lot of reasons to love these machines.

First of all, many of them actually shorten the amount of time a scan takes. This is because it only takes one rotation for the scanner to get all the images it needs.

You’re also, as we briefly mentioned above, getting to see a lot more.

The 3D Scanner is user-friendly, and long-lasting. Translation? No machine mess-ups that push back orthodontic appointments.

Now, you can get everything you need in a single office – and keep your patients exclusively at your practice.

Finally, these 3d scanners make patient’s lives easier.

We understand that for many, going to the orthodontist isn’t always a pleasant experience. Luckily, the scanners aren’t at all intrusive. You don’t even need to make a mold of your teeth and mouth!

Instead, just stay still and get scanned. If you have sensitive teeth, or if you’re dealing with a lot of younger, scared patients, this can be a life saver for everyone involved.

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jessicaHow 3D Scanning Services Can Improve Your Visit To The Orthodontist