Treating Mouth Breathing Issues

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The healthy growth and development of small children is important for giving them a good start in life, so solving any issues that crop up can be a good way to support a child’s ability to function in the world. Making sure they get enough good sleep each night is one facet, and ensuring their physical grow proceeds normally is another. Parents seeking to help their children as much as possible should consider the issue of mouth breathing and see what treatment is available to correct it.

The Causes
Breathing through the mouth can come from several different issues, and many children with allergies might find it easier as their sinuses become locked due to an attack. While it is a cause often recognized by physicians and parents, it is not the only reason children do this. Asthma can be another area where a child breathes through their mouth instead of their nose, and even airway obstruction caused by dental issues can result in this happening on a regular basis.

The Need for Correction
It might appear that a child’s method of breathing is good enough, but there are issues that can arise when a child breathes through their mouth instead of their nose. Drying out their mouth can jog them awake during the night, and it can cause a lack of sleep that will affect them during the day. Other issues to be aware of include the fact that this type of issue can create more problems as the child grows. Their jaws, particular the upper one, can be malformed by constantly having their mouth open to breath. The need for correction is real, and it should be addressed with the family physician or dentist.

Treatment Options
Breathing issues can generally be solved, and those children suffering from allergies are a good case to examine. There are now child dosages for most allergy medications that will clear their sinuses, and they can then breathe correctly. For children with asthma, the same medical path should be followed with a doctor’s prescription to treat the condition. For those with issues caused by malformation of the jaw, there is now Orthodontic Treatment available to help. An experienced orthodontist can examine a child’s mouth to recommend options that can solve the issue before it creates problems for the child as they age.

Orthodontic Treatments
A narrow palate is often the cause of a child’s mouth breathing because it could be restricting their airflow through their sinuses. Spreading the palate as the child grows will correct this issue, so Orthodontic Treatment could be recommended for correcting the problem in the facial area. Being able to breathe correctly will help the child develop properly and get a good night’s rest without struggling.

There are many things parents look out for as their child grows and develops, but they also need to be aware of issues they could consider unimportant. If a child is breathing through their mouth during sleep, behavior issues could occur due to a lack of proper rest. Other medical issues could crop up in the future, so seeing a medical professional and getting advice is the best option.


abdoney1Treating Mouth Breathing Issues