Tips To Prevent Dental Stains

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Tips To Prevent Dental Stains

White, shiny, and healthy teeth; it’s what many people want. Whitening products and toothpastes fill the supermarket shelves to brighten teeth and decrease staining. But what about preventing stains?
Some people want to have white teeth so much that they take teeth bleaching too far. Focusing on prevention instead of treatment would be better for their dental health.
But first, where does staining come from?

Sources of Dental Stains

The simple answer is from the foods and beverages we consume.
Substances in our foods cause dental stains:
Acids break down the protective enamel coating on our teeth. This makes them more susceptible to staining.
Tannins are food compounds found in plants. They help chromogens seep into our teeth.
Chromogens are the pigment-forming substances in our food and drinks. They stick to and coat the enamel, thus changing the color of our teeth.
Some of the ‘culprits’ of teeth staining include:
  • Sodas
  • Wines
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Dark fruits and vegetables, such as berries and beets.
  • Colored or acidic juices, such as grape juice and orange juice.
  • Ethnic foods and sauces
  • Sweets and candies
  • Vinegar
  • Chewed or smoked tobacco

How to Fight Dental Stains

With all these foods and beverages contributing to staining, how do we remove it?  Let’s look at the following tips:

Brush Your Teeth At Least Twice a Day

Every dentist will tell you the key to dental health is to brush your teeth after every meal. If that’s not possible, then at least brush in the morning and before you go to bed at night.
Brushing removes the layer of bacteria and plaque that coats your teeth over time from foods and other substances. This cleans the surface of your enamel and prevents permanent staining and cavities.
For a deeper cleaning, you can visit a professional dentist and orthodontic center.

Avoid Red and White Wine (if possible)

Sometimes the things we love are the ones that hurt us the most. Red wine has the acid and the pigment necessary to stain your teeth. White wine is also acidic and can contribute to teeth staining if you drink coffee or tea afterwards.

Rinse Often and Remember to Floss

When you consume items with strong pigments, you can clear off some of the stains by simply drinking water. Then be sure to brush later.
Don’t forget to floss as well. Flossing will remove the food residue in between teeth that stains, turns into plaque and causes tooth decay.

Limit your Soda, Coffee and Tea intake

This will be difficult for most people who have a daily ritual of consuming these beverages. Drink some water after to rinse your teeth.  If you can cut out soda altogether, that would be very beneficial, since soda can stain and contains sugar, which is bad for one’s teeth and health.
Another suggestion is to drink using a straw, as this will reduce the the liquid contact with the teeth.

Consult the Experts

Preventing dental stains is important for the appearance of your teeth. But there is more to dental health than dealing with stains. Contact the experts and get a healthy smile.


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