Is My Teen a Candidate for Invisalign?

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Invisalign Teen is a system of clear aligners made to straighten teeth made especially for teens. Many children in middle school and high school specifically ask about Invisalign over traditional wire braces due to concerns of aesthetics and sports injuries.  While Invisalign Teen may be a fantastic solution for teeth alignment in your teenager, there are a few points to consider when determining the best option.

What factors are there to consider?

  1. The current dentition of your teen

If your teenager does not have their full adult dentition yet, traditional wire braces will be the better option. Teens with missing molars or teens that still have “baby teeth” will not be good candidates for Invisalign.

  1. The treatment needed-

If your teenage requires movement beyond simple adjustments, or more major dental solutions like bridgework, traditional wire braces will be required to ensure proper treatment for all issues.

  1. Bone or jaw abnormalities-

If your teenage has jaw or bone abnormalities, it is possible that Invisalign will not be an option for them.

  1. Is your teen responsible-

Invisalign will require that your teenager wear the aligners 20-22 hours a day, taking them out only to eat and clean their teeth. If you teen is apt to losing things, you may want to consider traditional wire braces. The orthodontist will probably want to change the trays every two weeks, so it is important that your teen keep track of these changes or treatment will not progress as it should.

The only way to figure out which option is ideal for your teenage is to schedule an appointment with a trusted orthodontist to get an educated recommendation.


jessicaIs My Teen a Candidate for Invisalign?