Clear Braces!

by Michael Abdoney - 04/17/2018 - Invisalign

Clear/ceramic braces are made of a variety of formulas of aluminum oxide, which is clear or translucent in appearance. They are completely resistant to staining from foods, coffee, etc! Ceramic braces have the same shape as traditional metal braces, which allows your orthodontist to have maximum control over tooth movements. These braces have the benefit of being nearly undetectable in many pictures and are subtle face-to-face. The main wire is the primary “accessory” that is visible. Depending on the color selected, the small ties around the braces may also be noticeable.

Due to their aesthetic benefits, ceramic braces are an ideal choice for adults undergoing orthodontic treatment. However, they’re not just for adults! Teenagers nowadays are increasingly aware of their self-image (thank you, selfies), so they may also be interested in this less-noticeable option for braces. If your teen thinks they might get bored with the clear look, any color can be used to tie their wires into the braces. This look highlights fun colors without all the metal!

Not everyone may be a candidate: If you’re active with contact sports, these braces tend to chip or break more easily than metal braces. Your bite may also affect whether or not you should have ceramic braces on your lower teeth. Deep bites with little space in between the upper and lower front teeth aren’t good candidates for lower ceramic braces because a) they’re a little thicker than metal braces (you’d bite off the braces) and b) if you bite on the ceramic braces and it doesn’t break the bracket, it can cause wear on your front teeth over time.

If you’re interested in having your smile look its best while undergoing orthodontic treatment, ask your orthodontist at Abdoney Orthodontics about ceramic braces. The right selection of braces for your bite and lifestyle will allow you to have the confidence and comfort you deserve while straightening your teeth!