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Tampa Museums are opening up

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Tampa’s arts and entertainment sector will soon see several doors reopening to the public. While some local museums are remaining cautious in how and when they reopen, several have plans to reopen immediately. Here’s what guests will need to know …

abdoney1Tampa Museums are opening up

The Tampa Riverwalk

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The Tampa Bay Riverwalk is a 2.6 mile long walk way that begins just north of downtown Tampa, Florida and culminates at the site of the history Museum. This beautiful riverwalk stretches alongside the Hillsborough River. The riverwalk is the …

abdoney1The Tampa Riverwalk
Tampa Florida at dusk

Where to Stay in Tampa

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Tampa Bay is a place where couples, singles, families, and seniors alike can all find a good time. The majority of the area’s sprawling tourist attractions can be found within a few central locations, and beach enthusiasts have just a …

abdoney1Where to Stay in Tampa

Top February Events Taking Place in Tampa

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As Loverboy said in the ‘80s, “Everybody’s working for the weekend.” But now that it’s the weekend, you might not have anything special to do. Well, if you happen to be in the Tampa Bay area from February 21 to …

abdoney1Top February Events Taking Place in Tampa

Fun for the Whole Family in Tampa

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Yes, the summer vacation time is over and the kids are back in school. But, they will have some school breaks during the year, maybe a fall break coming up, and then there’s the holidays. The beautiful thing about Tampa, …

abdoney1Fun for the Whole Family in Tampa
Florida Trees

Who Can Decide if a Tree is Dangerous?

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Florida cities are battling with state lawmakers in Tallahassee. Recent tension started in a small trailer park on Grady, in Tampa. There were big Spanish trees covered with moss that overlook the park. When the tree crew began chainsawing them, …

abdoney1Who Can Decide if a Tree is Dangerous?