Fun for the Whole Family in Tampa

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Yes, the summer vacation time is over and the kids are back in school. But, they will have some school breaks during the year, maybe a fall break coming up, and then there’s the holidays. The beautiful thing about Tampa, …

abdoney1Fun for the Whole Family in Tampa
Florida Trees

Who Can Decide if a Tree is Dangerous?

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Florida cities are battling with state lawmakers in Tallahassee. Recent tension started in a small trailer park on Grady, in Tampa. There were big Spanish trees covered with moss that overlook the park. When the tree crew began chainsawing them, …

abdoney1Who Can Decide if a Tree is Dangerous?
Tampa Florida

Great Restaurants in Tampa

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Grab a napkin and loosen your belts because this food scene is about to take your palate on one tasty ride. From native-inspired Key lime pie, fried grouper, and chili with gator to the city’s signature Cuban sandwich that immigrant …

abdoney1Great Restaurants in Tampa
Arris Tampa Condo Development

Rising Higher | One of Tampa Bay’s Newest Condo Towers

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Lately, the most popular direction to go in Tampa is “up,” in the form of condo towers of ever-increasing height. The 34-story, 80-unit Arris Tower is no exception. Named for an architectural term that refers to the sharp edge formed …

abdoney1Rising Higher | One of Tampa Bay’s Newest Condo Towers
Malfunction junction tampa florida

I-275 Bottleneck No More?

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We’ve all been there. Malfunction Junction during the morning rush hour. You end up late to work, miss a meeting and the boss is angry. On the way home it happens again, this time you miss your kid’s little league …

abdoney1I-275 Bottleneck No More?
Tampa FL

Fun Things To Do In Tampa

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If you are looking for fun things to do with your kids, or you are a kid at heart, there is plenty of fun and adventure in Tampa, Florida. From sports to museums to restaurants and free attractions, most activities …

abdoney1Fun Things To Do In Tampa