How Failure of Fixed Retainers Occur

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A fixed, or permanent retainer, conjures up the idea that it’s, well, permanent. Unfortunately, this is a misnomer. Orthodontists place fixed retainers after treatment to help the patient protect the positions of their aligned teeth. Fixed retainers are in addition …

jessicaHow Failure of Fixed Retainers Occur

How to Clean Your Retainers

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Congratulations on getting your braces off! Welcome to the next phase of maintaining your beautiful smile! It’s very important to faithfully follow your orthodontist’s instructions on retainer wear, especially in your first year after having your braces removed. In case …

jessicaHow to Clean Your Retainers

Can Teeth Move After Braces?

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It’s important to maintain your teeth once your braces are removed. Read here to learn more about how and why teeth move after braces. If you’re paying hundreds of dollars for braces, you’ll want to make sure they’re long lasting. And …

jessicaCan Teeth Move After Braces?

4 Reasons Why Adults Should Seek Orthodontic Care

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You’re never too old for the smile of your dreams! Plus, you can join the crowd! We’re sharing why adults should seek orthodontic care in this post! Maybe you never had braces as a teen or maybe you ignored mom …

jessica4 Reasons Why Adults Should Seek Orthodontic Care