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History of Braces and When They Were Invented

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How old do you think dental braces are? The answer may shock you because of the first attempts at using dental science to physically alter crooked teeth being made by the ancient Egyptians. Over the course of history, there have …

abdoney1History of Braces and When They Were Invented

How do Braces Work?

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Are you ready to correct your smile and wondering how orthodontic appliances can help you? It’s natural to have questions, and knowing what to expect can help you feel even more prepared to schedule your first orthodontic appointment. Here’s a …

abdoney1How do Braces Work?

Additional Procedures With Braces

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Every patient at Abdoney Orthodontics receives a comprehensive evaluation of their bite and of all the aspects related to the appearance of their face, teeth and smile. Dr.s Abdoney and Cronauer often request that other procedures be done in addition …

jessicaAdditional Procedures With Braces

The Shortest Time In Braces

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Almost everyone that undergoes orthodontic treatment wants their beautiful smile to be complete as fast as possible. Living with braces requires more time and attention devoted to maintaining good oral hygiene; if you don’t clean your teeth and gums adequately, …

jessicaThe Shortest Time In Braces