5 Tricks to Flossing with Braces

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According to the American Association of Orthodontics, the number of Americans with braces has nearly doubled in the last three decades. And it’s no wonder more and more Americans are using braces. Not only do braces give you a great …

jessica5 Tricks to Flossing with Braces

10 Benefits Of Braces

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10 Benefits Of Braces Going to the dentist can be hard for a lot of us. And for some people, wearing braces can be a further daunting experience. And while braces are meant for straightening out your teeth, they actually …

jessica10 Benefits Of Braces

Can Teeth Move After Braces?

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Can Teeth Move After Braces? It’s important to maintain your teeth once your braces are removed. Read here to learn more about how and why teeth move after braces. If you’re paying hundreds of dollars for braces, you’ll want to make …

jessicaCan Teeth Move After Braces?