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Tampa Museums are opening up

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Tampa’s arts and entertainment sector will soon see several doors reopening to the public. While some local museums are remaining cautious in how and when they reopen, several have plans to reopen immediately. Here’s what guests will need to know …

abdoney1Tampa Museums are opening up

How to Stop Grinding Teeth

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Bruxism is a medical condition where the sufferer grinds their teeth. It can happen during sleep or when they are awake. This condition can lead to issues such as headaches, chipped or broken teeth, sore muscles, or breaking existing dental …

abdoney1How to Stop Grinding Teeth
Tooth Abcess

How to Get Rid of A Tooth Abscess at Home

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Pain in your mouth that can’t be controlled or unexplained swelling could be signs of an abscessed tooth or teeth. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do at home to treat this issue before making a trip …

abdoney1How to Get Rid of A Tooth Abscess at Home