Fun for the Whole Family in Tampa

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Yes, the summer vacation time is over and the kids are back in school. But, they will have some school breaks during the year, maybe a fall break coming up, and then there’s the holidays. The beautiful thing about Tampa, …

abdoney1Fun for the Whole Family in Tampa

What is banding in orthodontics?

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While most people are familiar with the brackets and wires of traditional braces in orthodontics, many don’t realize that orthodontists have a vast array of orthodontic equipment at their disposal to offer the best orthodontic treatment plan possible. Orthodontic bands, …

abdoney1What is banding in orthodontics?

What is a Transpalatal Arch?

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There’s much more to orthodontic treatment than just your standard braces and archwires. Modern orthodontic practices include an array of devices and tools that your orthodontist will discuss with you. It’s always helpful to understand common orthodontic options and terms …

abdoney1What is a Transpalatal Arch?