Florida Trees

Who Can Decide if a Tree is Dangerous?

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Florida cities are battling with state lawmakers in Tallahassee. Recent tension started in a small trailer park on Grady, in Tampa. There were big Spanish trees covered with moss that overlook the park. When the tree crew began chainsawing them, …

abdoney1Who Can Decide if a Tree is Dangerous?
Sleep Apnea Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontics and the Sleep Apnea World

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Don’t assume that orthodontics is something that solely revolves around the straightening of the teeth. It’s a branch of dentistry that involves more than teeth alignment. That’s because it can also potentially assist people who have to deal with a …

abdoney1Orthodontics and the Sleep Apnea World

Orthodontic Treatment for TMJ

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For anyone suffering from TMJ, Orthodontic Treatment for TMJ is getting more and more advanced. Orthodontists, who are well-known for straightening crooked teeth, have worked to perfect treatment for TMJ. TMJ is a symptom for many disorders of the mouth. …

abdoney1Orthodontic Treatment for TMJ